Our Challenge

Why do we need to replace our current hut?

Our existing wooden hut is over 65 years old, has reached the end of its operational life and is simply not fit for purpose. It has:

  • no central heating or hot water system,
  • no insulation,
  • no disabled access,
  • a dated and very basic kitchen,
  • toilets without hot water, and
  • a roof and floor that have been patched up over time.


What’s our objective?

To raise sufficient funds to design, build and equip a new and sustainable modern Scout Community Centre for the use by our Scout Group and other local community groups, organisations and individuals.

What can we offer the local community?

We have the advantage of a garden to the rear of the hut, which no other local community site has, and which is perfect for all sorts of community events, if only we could also offer sensible bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Why not use a local hall?

There are no suitable halls to hire with any spare capacity.

This includes Stoke Bishop Village Hall, Stoke Bishop Primary School and St Marys Church Rooms.

Where would the new Scout Community Centre be located?

The 43rd Bristol Scout Group has been based at its current site off Kewstoke Road, BS9 since the 1960’s. Originally it was where Stoke Bishop Primary School was located. In 2018 we secured a 35 year lease of the site, including an option to renew, from Bristol City Council as part of its Community Asset Transfer Program. In return for no rent we are required to offer the new building for use by the local community.


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