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All about our Cubs

Cubs is the second section of the Scouting movement, originally started in 1916 for younger brothers who wanted a 'look-in'. In nearly a century, the section has constantly evolved and adapted its programme and methods to meet the changing needs of each generation of young people, and these days admits girls as well as boys.

Cub Scouts are young people aged between 8 and 10 1/2, who make up the second section of the Scouting family, between Beavers and Scouts.


Under some circumstances, Cub Scouts can join the Pack as young as 7 1/2 if, for example, they have friends joining at the same time, or are mature enough to move on early from Beavers, (and there is space in the Pack). Such decisions are taken by Cub and Beaver Scout leaders.


During their time in the Pack, Cub Scouts will get a chance to try lots of different activities like swimming, music, exploring, computing and collecting.

There are a range of badges available which Cub Scouts can wear on their uniforms to show everyone how well they're doing.

Cub Scouts also get to go on trips and days out,. Sometimes they will be able to go camping with the rest of the Pack and take part in all kinds of outdoor activities.

Meeting times

Cubs meet on a Wednesday evening during the term time

Badges & Awards

Badges & Awards for cubs

Where to position Cub badges on the uniform

Cubs News

Cubs Winter vCamp a Hit!

We couldn't take the cubs camping, but that didn't stop the 43rd Cubs from having a great winter camp at ...
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Karate Cub and a Chief Scout Silver Award

The 43rd Cub Pack had a virtual martial arts extravaganza tonight as 2 of the older cubs led sessions on ...
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Cabot District Home Challenge Badges Earned by the Cubs

Ready to hand out another 40+ badges earned by the Cubs over the last term, including the Cabot District Home ...
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Cubs Remember…

The Cubs learnt about the role Cubs and Scouts played in WWI, had a minutes silence and did some poppy ...
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Cubs learn how NOT to make a Jam Sandwich

The cubs were back to Zoom this week for a fun session, led by the Intel Inspire team, learning about ...
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Cubs are Stars (and planets)…

The cubs continued the astronomy theme outdoors this week. They learnt about the size/scale of our solar system and the ...
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43rd Cubs are back…

It was great to be able to finally meet face to face again, even with just half of the pack, ...
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Guess Who received their Chief Scout Silver Awards

The cubs enjoyed the final zoom session of the term this week with a game of live action Guess Who, ...
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43rd Cubs Virtual Badges

27 badges ready to deliver along with 2 investiture certificates. We may have gone virtual, but the cubs have been ...
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Virtual Cub Camp a Great Success

We had 19 cubs join us for our first virtual camp where the cubs would either camp in their gardens, ...
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