Cubs Kayaking Fun!

The cubs have had great fun kayaking in the floating harbour with Young Bristol over the past couple of weeks. This week they were also treated to a flyby from a hot air balloon as well as a real Bristol treat when The Matthew passed by – great fun was had and more badges earned! … Read more

Cubs Hybrid Summer Camp 2021

Despite Covid preventing Scouts from camping overnight together, the 43rd Bristol Cub Pack still managed to put on a fun hybrid camp for the cubs. They played wide games, learnt to pitch patrol tents, built flags and flag poles, learnt to light fires with flint and steel, made and cooked bread twists as well as … Read more

Cubs Remember…

The Cubs learnt about the role Cubs and Scouts played in WWI, had a minutes silence and did some poppy craft. Well done Cubs!

Cubs are Stars (and planets)…

The cubs continued the astronomy theme outdoors this week. They learnt about the size/scale of our solar system and the difference between planets and stars. Using torches, they learnt about some of the star constellations by forming the correct patterns and they were lucky enough to get a break in the clouds and spotted Mars, … Read more