Next steps

Where are we now?

Following a design brief and a topographical survey we have received outline sketch drawings from our architect. We are now completing a geo-technical survey of the site so as to be able to fully assess the type and cost of foundations the new building will need. From here we will be able to obtain detailed costings for the whole build and design specifications can be more closely considered.

What expert support do we have?

We have assembled a team of professionally qualified volunteers and paid professionals to ensure we deliver the right building in the correct way and at best value. The Executive Committee and Trustees sign off all final decisions and expense costs. Our team includes a chartered structural surveyor, qualified architect (who is formally instructed, retained and fully insured), chartered accountant, practising solicitor, building construction company owner.

What Next?

  • We intend to engage with local residents on our plans and apply for planning consent in 2019.
  • Ongoing liaison with other local venues and approaches from the local community to use the hut means we are aware of demand for the new Centre. This is being incorporated into our management plan.
  • We are eligible for landfill tax grants via a couple of operators in our area, and there are other large grant providers that have expressed interest when we get to the right stage.

How can I help?

We value all help and support. If you have a skill or trade that might help us to complete this community build we would be delighted to hear from you. Please email or call 07768 543 026.

How do I donate?

Please visit our donations page.