Beavers Celebrate Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year at Beavers. The children learned to use chopsticks – practiced on blueberries! That can’t have been easy. They also found out about the tradition of giving gifts to the young children in red envelopes. They all went home with some chocolate coins in theirs.  

Pancake Fun

We celebrated Pancake Day in a traditional way – the Beavers had fun measuring out, cracking eggs and mixing up the batter ready for cooking pancakes. We were thrilled to welcome our Scout Leader to our Beaver colony – he set up the burners and cooked the pancakes for the children. I think putting on … Read more

Guide Dogs Visit the Beavers

Last week our Beavers on Monday and Tuesday, enjoyed a visit from Lewis and Monica with their guide dogs. They explained to the Beavers how guide dogs help them to live their lives. Lewis told them about the difficulties he faces walking around the village and how his dog helps him to cross roads and … Read more

Cubs Take On Foot-volleyball

The Cubs learnt a new sport this week as part of their challenge badges. Foot volleyball involves trying to stop the balloon from touching the floor, whilst in a crab position, and using only your feet to get the balloon over the ‘net’. It was great fun and is likely to become a regular feature … Read more