Double Trouble Beavers Sports Night

Both Beaver colonies joined forces tonight for an evening of fun and games on Stoke Lodge Playing Fields. The beavers all took part in activities ranging from Space Hopper Racing, Hockey Relay, Discus and Bean Bag Balancing. The evening finished with a rather wet obstacle course (water pistols at the ready!) followed by Chocolate Brownies … Read more

Beavers Go Off The Rails…

The Beavers had an exciting train trip this week from Sea Mills train station to Severn Beach station and back. They kept their eyes open on the trip looking for answers to their quiz which included counting the windmills on route – with answers ranging from between 5 and 50! Thanks to Swift for the … Read more

Scout Camp 2017

The Scouts had a cracking weekend at Woodhouse on camp. The weather was good, the food was plentiful (thanks Chris!) and they did some some brilliant activities. A huge thank you to all of the leaders and volunteers who helped to organise such a great event. A good end to the year. ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” … Read more