Beavers Explore Under Fall Yard  

The beavers spent the evening touring the Bristol floating harbour under fall yard learning how the floating harbour works and what machinery is used to build and maintain the boats in the adjacent yard. They then spent time in the visitor centre performing various experiments and activities associated with the floating harbour. One such activity … Read more

Cub Campfire Cookout

The cubs had a great evening, learning about campfire safety, how to build and light fires as well as how to cook ‘dampers’ (bread twists) on sticks over the open fires. They are now ready to put their new found skills to the test at Cub Camp!

Fossil Fun for the 43rd Bristol Cubs

The cubs enjoyed a beautiful night at Aust, near the old Severn bridge, looking for fossils on the beach under the guidance of our resident geologist, Akela. Various parts of fossilised shellfish where found, along with some ancient worm beds and other artefacts. It was also a great opportunity to invest our 6 new cubs … Read more

Beavers Enjoy a Junk Modelling Evening

Following on from St George’s Day the Beavers were set a teamwork challenge, in their lodges, to make a dragon out of junk. We added an extra challenge that the dragon needed to be able to make a noise. They worked well together and came up with some excellent dragons and enjoyed demonstrating their features to the … Read more