Cubs Challenge Night Success

The cubs recently took part in a team based challenge night. They worked in their sixes to build paper towers, complete quizzes, build the tallest Jenga towers and do smarty runs. Well done to all the cubs for such great team work!

Beavers Join Elite Squash Team

The Beavers spent the evening at the hut learning basic squash skills from professional coaches Richard King (world ranked 314 in 2014) and Kylie Lindsay (world ranked 34 in 2012) from Elite Squash. The squash coaches brought all the equipment needed and erected two portable squash walls enabling the beavers to experience this exciting racket … Read more

Beavers Build Bridges!

The beavers were challenged to build a Lego bridge capable of carrying a toy car over 25cm’s. They worked in teams to build various structures all of which were able to carry the toy car the set distance. Well done beavers. The Beavers also split into two teams (the republic and the empire) to play … Read more