Cubs Winter vCamp a Hit!

We couldn't take the cubs camping, but that didn't stop the 43rd Cubs from having a great winter camp at home.

They collectively hiked over 260km; picked up over 30 bags of litter for the community; built and slept in dens overnight; cooked meals for the family; showed off their amazing talents in a talent show; took part in morning worship followed by keep fit; learnt some knots and built camp gadgets and finally cooked their own lunches camp style! It's amazing how much we managed to pack into just 24 hours! 

Besides having a lot of fun, this resulted in finishing off over 60 badges including the awarding of 4 Chief Scout Silver awards.

A big thanks to all of the leaders, Duke of Edinburgh helpers, parents and especially cubs who helped to make it happen - Well done Cubs, you all did your best and had a great time, desite lockdown!