Help Save Stoke Lodge – Your Action is Needed by December 27th

Thanks to everyone who helped to support the TVG application last week, but we still need more help to prevent the attached image becoming a reality.

The TVG application was successful, but it will undoubtedly be put to appeal. In the mean-time, Cotham School have applied for planning permission to put an 8-foot fence around the perimeter of Stoke Lodge to prevent public access to this vital community resource.  The image on this post is taken directly from the planning application. We still need to object to this to prevent anything happening whilst the TVG is disputed.

If you object to public access been taken away from Stoke Lodge, please follow the link below and lodge your objection by December 27th. An 8-foot fence will affect wildlife as well as public access, so please show your support and help to protect this vital community space for all.