Reminder to add your Tesco tokens!

We are now live in store for the Tesco token scheme, please do vote for us.

You can find us in these stores:

2151	Bristol 2	        BS6 7XW	        Superstore
2205	Clifton Bristol Exp	BS8 2RL	        Express
2492	Bristol Filton Exp	BS34 7PL	Express
2513	Baileys Crt Brstl Exp	BS32 8EJ	Express
2648	Henleaze Express	BS9 4NB	        Express
2970	Nth Bradley Stoke Exp	BS32 0BQ	Express
4476	Brstl Trymwd Prde Exp	BS9 2DP	        Express
4618	Bristol Hatchet Rd	BS34 6TU	Express
5117	Bishopston Exp	        BS7 8BE	        Express
5217	Regent St Clifton Exp	BS8 4HU	        Express
5273	Winterbourn Brstl Exp	BS36 1RB	Express
5652	Bradley Stoke Extra	BS32 8EF	Extra
6194	Cheltnhm Rd Brstl Exp	BS6 5RL	        Express
6453	Bristol Greyst Av Exp	BS10 6BQ	Express
6734	Westbury On Trim Exp	BS9 3AD	        Express
6780	Horfield Exp	        BS7 0LJ	        Express