Cubs Fire Station Excitement

The 43rd Bristol Cubs had a very exciting night at Southmead Fire Station last week. Not only did they get the chance to ask the Fireman some particularly tough questions, but they got a full tour of the fire engines and all of their equipment. This was disrupted however when the crew received a call so they all had to drop everything to rush to an incident!

Fortunately for the cubs, it was a false alarm. They returned within 10 minutes allowing us to continue our tour.

The night was ended with the handing out of lots of badges earned over the last term as well as the investiture of 10 new cubs, all moving up from Beavers. We welcome them all to the cub pack and hope they have as much fun with us as they did in Beavers.

A big thank you to our hosts for the night, the Avon Fire and Rescue Service at Southmead!