Silver Chief Scout Awards and a Cracking Cub Campfire…

This week the 43rd Bristol Cubs had the pleasure of welcoming Chris and Maddy, our District Commissioner and Deputy, to join them for part of the evening to hand out Silver Chief Scout Awards to 2 of our most experienced Cubs. The Silver Chief Scout award is the highest badge awarded in Cubs and is the culmination of lots of hard work required to achieve all 7 of their challenge badges. Well done to Ben and Ben who both deserve their awards.

To celebrate the awards, the cubs had a very traditional campfire with toasted marsh mallows, hot chocolate and lots of campfire songs. Thanks again to Chris for his energy and enthusiasm in teaching the cubs so many new songs, and well done to the cubs for re-enacting the story of Cecil again, and again, and again...!

It was a really good night and a great finish to another active term that has seen visits to police and fire stations, chinese new year celebrations, road safety badges, pancake nights and lots more. Thanks also to all of the volunteers, whether as Leaders in uniform, or behind the scenes, who help to keep the group running and putting on such great activities for so many cubs.