43rd Bristol Cubs Success at District Swimming Gala

43rd Bristol Cub Pack had a great turnout for the Cabot District swimming gala with 10 cubs volunteering to represent the group. They showed great team spirit supporting each other through 22 different races from freestyle, backstroke, to relay races and finishing off with a couple of fun races with floats and rubber ducks!

In all of the heats we managed an awesome 3rd or 4th place with a mixture of placings in the final with our best race of the night been the duck race where our cubs showed great skill keeping the rubber duck on the float and managing to reach an awesome 2nd place.

Overall, we managed a very respectable 5th place out of 15, all down to great team work by our cubs. Well done the 43rd.

Thanks to all parents and volunteers who turned out to support our cubs and help out on the night.